Commercial Locksmith Houston has a large variety of commercial locks

Commercial Locksmith Exit Device 


1st Choice Locksmith Houston, carries a wide selection of commercial locks, Exit Devices for any type of Life commercial locksmith Houston, von duprin, schlage, falcon, adams rite, sarget,electric strike, push button locksSafety and also ADA hardware needs.                                                                                                                                               

Adams Rite 
Arrow Hardware    
Jackson Exit Device
Sargent Exit Device 
Von Duprin Exit Device

Gun Safes, Burglary Safes, Fire Rated Safes 



Houston, 1st Choice Locksmith offers professional safe opening services. Our trained locksmiths are equipped to manipulated any type of safe or simply change combination.Commercial Locksmith Houston Safe cracker, gun safes, money safes, fire safes, combination safe houston, safe opening, safe locksmiths

1st choice locksmith , also carries various types of safes, Gun Safes, 
Hopper Safes and many other Fire Safes, Burglary Safes.

Commercial Locksmith Lever Lock Sets

Houston, 1st choice Locksmith, is here to assist you with any type of commercial Lockouts and any type of  lever lock sets, that you would need to secured your business.
Houston 1st Choice Locksmith, supports
a wide selection of Commercial Grade Lever Lock sets  including the following;Commercial Locksmith Houston carrie locks, von duprin, schlage, falcon, adams rite, sarget,electric strike, push button locks

Schlage Locks                  
Arrow lock                                               
Cal Royal
Corbin Russwin
S. Parker

Commercial Door Closer


Houston,1st Choice Locksmith, carries wide selection of Commercial Door Closer for any type of application or type of door.
Our variety include:    
Arrow Door Closer
Corbin Russwin Locks
LCN Closer 
Norton Door Closer
Sargent Door Closer